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Dexter's Documents

Dexter is up to date with all his immunisations and has a yearly check at the vets.  He is fully insured and a risk assessment has been completed.  His breed is suited to being school dog due to their calm nature and hypo-allergenic hair.  This means that he does not malt.

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Who is Dexter?

Dexter is a seven year old Lhaso Poo who lives with Mrs Robertson and her family.  A couple of days a week, he comes to school and absolutely loves being around everyone.  

What are the benefits of having a school dog?

We believe the benefits of a school dog are as follows;

  • Developing empathy skills, encouraging respect and therefore improving pupils relationships in school
  • Reading dogs are proven to be beneficial in schools for reluctant readers; children who previously felt the pressures of reading aloud and the fear of making mistakes were happily reading to a dog as there was no fear of being corrected in front of peers. The dog provides a safe environment in which mistakes are allowed. Results in these schools have shown that such readers have made progress beyond expectations.

  • A calming effect on the SEMH of pupils, especially those with behavioral, social communication or learning disorders

  • Encouraging expression, developing emotional literacy and participation in more withdrawn pupils

  • Improved behaviour, regulation, attendance and concentration, reduced stress and improved self esteem

  • Motivating pupils to think and learn

  • Teaching children about nurture and looking after themselves/others

  • Enthusiasm for and enjoyment of animals

  • A calming effect on all pupils and staff and a positive impact on well-being
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