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Reading at Runcorn All Saints CE Primary


You will find the end of year expectations for reading for each of our year groups in the attached document below.  Please click the image.

Pathways to Read - The Literacy Company

We follow a Mastery approach to English through the programme Pathways to Read. Units of work are delivered using high quality texts and children in all year groups are given varied opportunities for reading. Skills are built up through repetition within the units, and children apply these skills in the reading activities provided.  

We deliver one whole class shared reading lesson per week from years 2-6 with bespoke grouped reading for every pupil at least once a week as well as individual reading. In our shared and grouped reads, there is a clear teaching focus with the opportunity to master key reading skills in each session. There are follow on reading tasks to enable pupils to evidence the skills they have mastered independently.

Many opportunities for widening children’s vocabulary are given through the Pathways to Read approach and this builds on the extensive work we do in school to provide our children with a rich and varied vocabulary.  

Our Library

We have been developing our Library area to be a place where children can come to relax and lose themselves in a book.  We place a high importance on developing pupils' love for reading and know that having the right space to go to can help this.  

The Literacy Company have had enormous fun collating their Reading Spine for parents.  For each year group, they have compiled a list of ten books (or authors) that they feel every child at that stage should read - one per half term and a couple for holidays. These books should inspire discussion and encourage a culture of reading for pleasure at home. They are age-appropriate in terms of theircontent and complexity but that is not to say they shouldn't dip into books from previous year groups.The most important thing is that your child enjoys what they read or have read to them. Hopefully, this list will help you both to know where to turn once one good read has come to an end.
On the back of each list, you will find a series of questions linked to each of the comprehension skillsabove. We hope this makes it easier to know what to ask when your child reads with you.  Your child brings home a 'reading for pleasure' book each week and some of the these titles will be included.

Click on the image below to access the Pathways to Reading document.  Happy reading!


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